Smart Data is MyCRM’s newest feature. Learn how Smart Data automatically collects ID, completes a credit check, imports liabilities, captures client bank statement details, and groups expenses. Start saving three days on lodgement time today!

In this session you’ll learn how you can improve your online presence, build trust with potential customers, and engage your exising database, to help you find and keep clients . We’ll deep dive into the 7 key steps you need to take in 2024 to make sure you’re set up for success.

The EOFY brings a raft of asset finance opportunities across various customer segments – whether that be your consumers, SME clients, or referral partners. Join the LMG Asset Finance team as they showcase the EOFY marketing plan to tackle the busiest time on the asset finance calendar + a deep dive on how you can support your clients during this period.

With every household embarking on an electrification journey what role can brokers and your businesses play that supports diversification and add even more value for their clients. Hear from the Federal Government’s Energy Performance Branch on their views on the acceleration of property electrification along with leaders of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation who administer the governments $1B Home Energy Upgrade Fund plus a panel of key lenders and industry experts.

Welcome Tripti Goyal, from Trusted Financial Choice and a LMG Leading Lady. Hear from Tripti on the journey and balance of motherhod to work! Who actually gets that right?

Our very own MPA Global 100 Business Owner, Evelyn Clark. Hear to her successes and journey to how she has built her business to where it is today.

Hear from two Loan Market Leading Ladies on their journey in our industry. Both started as CSMs, and now both are on separate paths, but enjoying the impact they are having.

Welcome Suzanne Wood, Westpac senior leader, Leading Ladies member for 6 years, and an incredible support of women in finance with one powerful story.

In this episode, Sam White, Phil Rogers (Loan Market Edge) and Dom Lo Surdo (Stamford Capital) look ahead to the next 12 months in commercial and residential broking and how to stay productive amidst constant market and policy changes.

Sam, Phil, and Dom share their reflections on 2023, the values that underpin attracting and retaining the right people, and how to sustain business growth in 2024. You’ll also hear their predictions for the year to come.

Topics covered:

“Customers have changed from asking themselves ‘do we go to the bank or do we go to the broker?’ It’s now, ‘which broker do we choose?’” – Phil Rogers

“If you have a look at the commentary around supply and demand dynamics in the residential space in particular, I think we’re in for a really strong year.” – Dom Lo Surdo

From kicking goals on the soccer pitch to kicking goals in business – Youeil Shol doesn’t miss! Tune in to this webinar to hear why Youeil took the plunge to become a business owner and how he overcame self-doubt to quadruple the size of his loan book to over $100 million in just one year. His strategy? Client satisfaction and delivering successful outcomes for referral partners. We’ll let him share the rest!