The 2024 Outlook

February 23, 2024

In this episode, Sam White, Phil Rogers (Loan Market Edge) and Dom Lo Surdo (Stamford Capital) look ahead to the next 12 months in commercial and residential broking and how to stay productive amidst constant market and policy changes.

Sam, Phil, and Dom share their reflections on 2023, the values that underpin attracting and retaining the right people, and how to sustain business growth in 2024. You’ll also hear their predictions for the year to come.

Topics covered:

  • The economic climate that was 2023
  • The importance of team culture (especially with multiple offices)
  • Benefits of diversification and the customer experience
  • 2024 economic outlook in residential and commercial property
  • Predictions of market shifts and what’s to come

“Customers have changed from asking themselves ‘do we go to the bank or do we go to the broker?’ It’s now, ‘which broker do we choose?’” – Phil Rogers

“If you have a look at the commentary around supply and demand dynamics in the residential space in particular, I think we’re in for a really strong year.” – Dom Lo Surdo

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