Join the resolutions team to go management of complaints, how to handle them and discuss recent trends and insights.

Join the compliance team as they run through the best practise on how to take a client from initial enquiry to lodgement.

We want to keep you compliant, in this session we will run over the top errors and give you tips on how to avoid these common errors.

Join the compliance team as they go over HEM – how to meet both lender expectations and LMG requirements.

Join the compliance team as they run through all you need to know about Referral Agreements and the process.

A session on how to keep your Game Plan compliant and meet BID requirements. We will go over the Goals and Objectives section and discuss linking it back to your recommendation.

Join our compliance team to look back at key achievements over 2023 and top trending errors. We will also run through our plan for 2024 with more education, a focus on data, and more face-to-face compliance training to look forward to.

In this session, LMG’s Broker Compliance Consultant will take you through some preventative measures to help protect you and your business from suspicious and unscrupulous loan application activity.

Hear from the Compliance team about the Fee Charging and Quote process and what is reasonable when fee charging

Want to learn how to effectively manage and prevent complaints? Join Louise Huzyliak and Saniye Mallah from our Complaints team to run through all the important requirements and a recent case study.