Have you heard? Brokerversity has developed two new options to get the most our of your education! Now offering a curated RPL, and self-paced options! Both options dedicated to Brokers, Bankers, experienced CSMs and other industry professionals… We won’t want to spoil the surprise so join Deanna and El to learn how you can get the most out of our new qualification options

The home of industry education is constantly evolving, join us to learn what’s new in Brokerversity and how you can get the most out of our platform (p.s. exciting news right around the corner)

Explore the world of industry education with Brokerversity and gain access to exclusive insights into our customized options suitable for any skill level! Join us as we dive deep into how our innovative pre-designed or customisable learning pathways and course bundles provide you with a comprehensive and holistic learning experience using our diverse range of topic-focused courses.

Join us to learn about our collaboration with ApplyOnline! Explore the power of threads and discover how they bring you peer-to-peer knowledge exchange and collaboration. During this session, ApplyOnline will show you how they are providing expertise on the new and improved Brokerversity.

Get ready to hear from the CEO of Entry Education, Matt! He will give us an overview of the Brokerversity diploma and provide us with the necessary information required before you enrol in our nationally accredited qualifications. Matt will share his valuable insights, the vision, the story behind Brokerversity, and the educational philosophy that distinguishes the Brokerversity and Entry Education Diploma apart! With exclusive access to Matt’s expertise, you will gain a better understanding of the program and its benefits.